Yoga at Home


The Blissful Relaxation

During the last hundred years or so , the way of life changed greatly. There are so many opportunities that it is sometimmes hard to find balance and harmony. It should be easy to just sit down and relax for while, check i, know about your feelings and emotions. But it is very challanging and barly anyone takes time to stop thinking and starts feeling.

Yoga Nidra is  an effective and efficient practice to release muscular tension, emotional tension and mental tension. We are not only resting more efficiently (40 min of Yoga Nidra has the same resting effect than 4 hours of deep sleep), we are also restructuring and reforming our whole personality from within.

Everybody knows it, once you are sitting still your mind starts to flood your brain with thoughts. The thoughts are rushing through us and it is difficult to witness our thoughts without being attached.

Yoga Nidra stops this monkey mind and helps us to connect much deeper to our true self.

How does it work?

In Yoga Nidra the consciousness is in the state between waking and sleeping.



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